Custom Jewellery

If you have a vision for the perfect engagement ring, wedding bands, heirloom gift or something special made just for you, I welcome the opportunity to create it for you!

The Process

Get in touch! I offer a complimentary design consultation via Zoom or in person at my studio where we will discuss the type of piece you're looking for, your budget and timeframe, the type of metal, gemstones and design you have in mind. I also welcome sketches and photos from you of ideas that appeal to you. This can help give me direction and to understand your vision. During the design and fabrication process, I will also supply photos and sketches to ensure your requests are being met. If you don't have a specific design in mind, I can help you with that as well!

Gold Jewellery Redesign
If you have a jewellery box filled with old gold jewellery collecting dust, allow me to turn it into something new for you! It is an exciting and creative process to recreate sentimental or inherited jewellery into something meaningful, suited specifically to your tastes. Gems can be saved or reused, elements of one piece can be added to another and gold can be melted down to create something brand new. We will have a complimentary consultation to discuss design, price and material options, and there will be a $200 processing fee for the removal & cleaning of gems, dismantling old jewellery and melting down gold to prepare it for redesign.
There are many elements that factor into the pricing of a custom piece of jewellery. The karat of gold, type and quality of a gemstone and the complexity of the design will all affect the cost of the finished piece. It is helpful for me to discuss your budget during our initial design consultation. This allows me to design your jewellery within the price range you've suggested. I am accommodating to all price ranges and will strive to meet your jewellery requests while staying within your budget. 
Once a design and budget are established, I will provide an estimated cost to you which you will sign and approve. A deposit of 50% of the estimated price will be required for the project to commence. The remaining balance will be paid once the piece is completed, and before it is mailed or delivered to you.
Paying partially in gold is also an option we can discuss. I offer 70% of spot market price for your unwanted gold that can be put towards your custom order.